Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fashion Show & Grand Re-Opening

Fashion Show, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Gracies Grand ReOpening is set for May 16th.. and will include a fashion show at 5:30pm sl at the following landmark.....
and a Formal Dance immediately following in the main floor area of the bridal section.

In Honor of the opening I have decided to do something totally new! A photo contest! YAY!
So here are the rules:

Submission may be done from May 14- May 20 2009
Winner will be drawn no later than May 30.

1. CREATE a FOLDER labeled "Gracie photo contest.. "your name" "

2. Submit up to 2 (two), no more, photos taken wearing a Gracie Outfit from a Current Line

3. You may add any accessories or styling you like, but the main outfit must be a bridal/formal or casual from the first or second floor of the store. (discount basement clothing is not current line and will not qualify) Please be creative, I adore extremely avante garde looks as well as fresh and light.....

4. Post processing of the photo is acceptable

5. If you do not take the photo yourself please get a nc from the photographer authorizing unrestricted use of the photo and place it in the folder.

6. Place a notecard with your name, the photographer name (if not yourself) and anything else you want to say.... into the folder you created in (1). Add your photo(s) and any photographer release into the same folder (1).

7. Make sure your photos are full perms

8. Drop the folder on Grace Winnfield.


First Place:

--$L500 Cash
--Your choice of 8 items from the store.
--The placement of your photo in a magazine advertizement in Vain Inc. Magazine.
--An editorial spread shot by Grace Winnfield in Vain Inc Magazine (Shoot date tba but must be available between 5:30pm and 7pm sl for the shoot) Topic and design will be Grace Winnfield and Vain Inc magazines discretion.

Second Place

--$L100 Cash
-- Your choice of 5 items from the store.

Third Place:

--Your choice of 3 items from the store

Please follow the rules.. no notecards with photos embedded. Photos must have full perms so that i can use the winning photo in the ad... please use a folder.

Thanks so much and Have a lot of fun..Go CRAZY!!!!!


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