Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gracies & Lurve...Fashion Show

Fashion Show, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Yet again (and hopefully for the last time...I've moved to mainland i own) I have been forced to move the store.. SOOOOOOO in honor of next weekends RE-Grand Opening I am having a bridal & formal fashion show. I've decided to team up with the wonderful designer of Lurve bridal gowns.. her stuff is just gorgeous.. and we need to see more new designer finds! After the show a formal dance Hosted by DJ Seth Newman will be held in the bridal gathering area of my store. Please take a moment to peek at the new store.. :) I've decided to focus on a real need in sl.. a pampering bridal boutique with all the grandeur.. to make your bridal shopping experience unique.... I hope you all enjoy!
~ Grace

Fashion Show location:

Store location can be found in my profile under classifieds.


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