Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Bridal Gown!!! New Bridal Location

Ok guys.. officially my bridal store has moved.. actually there are two locations one on Cameo Isle... a bridal sim.. the other my main bridal is next to my new formal store Port St. James in Fortinbras (both are under my profile in classifieds....) In fact there are several remixes at the Bridesmaid location including a matching bridesmaid gown for Exotic Princess in 5 colors!!

SO.... drumroll!! LOL here is a new Gothic Bridal Gown i made for my best friend Mynx.... and it is now up for grabs... Includes 2 veils, 4 prim skirt options and 4 of the same prim skirt options in smart skirt versions. I really like how this turned out!! The Name is Majestic Mynx.. and it is a ruched satin and organza with lace gown... deeply cut in the front.. and with a huge flexi train option... Again it is currently at the Bridal Location link below...

 Gracies Bridal Gracies Bridesmaid and Formals

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Its about time!!!

Well I am so excited to say that i have recently opened on the brand NEW Aspire Sim!! The ladies running it are so sweet and I am hopeful that Aspire will be everything i believe it can be.... I am so flattered to have been asked to be a part of such a fabulous project. In honor of the new Aspire i have started a brand new line of clothing called "Aspirations" Currently there are two gowns available.. and i will feature ONE here today and the other tomorrow night.. or if i get ambitious later tonight..hehe...
This one is for the Pink Lacey girl!! Someone who really loves PINK and is a true girly girl.. this one so frilly and pretty ..... I decided to call it Peppermint!


You can ONLY get this dress at Aspire Isle in my store... when you get to the isle use the notecard to tp to my store.