Friday, June 25, 2010

Gracies Bridal.. Real Grace

Gracies Bridal.. Real Grace, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Ok so since most people wont wear black to a beach wedding... I had to make this in white as well. I still love it :)

Gracies Bridal... Real Grace (black)

This one is uber special folks! This is going to be my actual RL wedding gown. I am getting married to my best friend of 24 years this august. We are going to put our toes in the sand and tie it!!! It will be a solitary ceremony.. we really want it to be private.... I am so excited I cant wait!!! HAD to make this for SL hehe.

Gracies Bridal...My Style

Gracies Bridal...My Style, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

another beachy gown.... forgot to mention that all but one of these shapes is a Silhouette shape. The one here is one.. and on Pure Princess it is Lourdes, and on Real Grace (white) is Daisy.

Summer Beach wedding? Here are 4 perfect dresses :)

Gracies Bridal.. Pure Princess, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

This first one is called Pure Princess. As always the gown is available in a demo version in the store. This one comes with a choice of veil and hair piece. All items are mod prim/ transfer.