Sunday, October 11, 2009

Designers i need your help!

Please Help the Cause!
Avatars Against Human Trafficking
Please join the group

I am still seeking designers! Would love to get this thing up and running in a month if possible. Please IM me if you are interested in helping in any way and i will pass you details!

27 million people
are held in slavery
worldwide today

the average age of
a trafficked victim is 14

every 2 minutes a child is being prepared
for sexual exploitation

Please be aware that this is not a problem limited to places we have never been or may never go to. Human Trafficking is in OUR BACKYARDS. I was shocked to see how many incidents had happened very near me (Philadelphia, PA!) and very recently. Reality is here

Please visit and for additional information.


1. Wear Orange on the 21st of each month.
- Orange is the color Not for sale uses to signify its works against slavery.
-The 21st of each month A21 campaign asks us to Fast and pray.. hold in
memory.... do somthing! For these victims.
-We will combine these two things and wear orange on the 21st of every month
to recognize the cause.

2. Create a design to be sold with profits going to the cause

3. Join the public awareness efforts! - Host an awareness event at your club or venue.
- Write an article or a blog to raise awareness of the efforts we are making in
- Host a fashion show, live music venue, party or other event to raise
awareness and funds.
-Create a you tube or SL video to educate people.

Contact Grace Winnfield if you would like to help!