Monday, January 12, 2009

model shape 2

model shape 2, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

model shape 3

model shape 3, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

This one is my favorite... culturally and racially ambiguent.

More Model shapes

model shape 6, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Going straight to the store... unlimited... i can do custom work if someone should need it! All shapes are tall, medium to thin build.... slightly off model faces

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


model4limited, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Available only 5 shapes.... can purchase by notecard message to Grace Winnfield. Willing to sell as single release if you buy all 5. Notecard Grace Winnfield in world.
Shape is slightly curvy (by model standards) Tall, unique shape works well with many skins.


model5limited , originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Trying something new... offering shapes in max quantities of 5. To get the shape at this time you must send me a Notecard in world. I am willing to offer this as an exclusive one time shape if you buy all 5. If i get no notecard takers by saturday it will go live in world.

This shape is tall, slender, very unique face shape.

IM Grace Winnfield

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gothica redesign

Gothica, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

After going thru many of my prim skirts I have been redoing several to improve, flow, texture, and quality of them... especially given the metaverses ability to bork textures seriously with upgrades..... grrrr. I am really happy with the way this one turned out.. but i also know some ofyou love it the way it was... so it includes both the old skirt and this new one, shown. I am sure you will be pleased with the swish and flow.... You can find it in the bridal store, though it is perfectly appropriate for other occassions.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nacht Forgotten

Nacht Forgotten, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

I'm really hoping this one will not go forgotten.... I think i stewed over this design for about 8 months...... My original vision was to make an interpretation of the brocade highly structured outfit worn by Jennifer Connely in the not so old Balenciaga ads i saw in magazines... This one is not nearly as colorful.. and the design definitely is only an interpretation.. but i seriously think this one is more wearable.... I would adore seeing someone mix this up with some stuff and make it more colorful with accessories..... as always mod prim/no copy/ YES TRANSFER. I tell you i hate the no trans thing.... shopping is not fun anymore to get gifts... and i cant pass my old stuff to newbs.. instead i am hitting delete... **gulps**

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Interpretation of

ralph, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

Ralph Lauren's Look. I love the warm colors and pretty feel this gown has... It is made of shantung silk horizontal stripes, in Rich Warm colors that are sooo yummy. The skirt flows nicely, in fact it was an inspiration and will be the basis for me upgrading skirts in the formal area of my store again soon! You can find this one in the main center store to the left... and it is Aptly named Ralph....


candy, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

I LOVE COLOR!! and this fabric struck me so much that i had to use it. It has a retro feel, but i did it with modern shapes. Candy has 4 skirts (not all are shown) including my favorite .. the long one. The skirt lengths are decreasingly long...... so you can wear it out to a party or out for a stroll thru the garden... maybe out to a nice dance with that specials someone...... You decide.....
All my clothes are always...TRANSFERRABLE, no copy, yes mod prim.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Revamped Eastern Stargaze

eastern stargaze , originally uploaded by Gracie's.

This is another one that i changed the prim skirt for... I was not happy with the skirt as it was so i totally redesigned the style altogether. This one has a great swish and a bit of a bustle to the back..... the skirt is much much fuller and flowy. I love the traditional asian feel to the top... and the colors pink and silver with a great brocade pattern are scrumptious! I really enjoy wearing this one out dancing and not simply as a wedding gown.. it is perfect for formal events. Demo is available in the store.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oldie but goodie.. with redone prim skirt

alluring casablanca, originally uploaded by Gracie's.

I decided to reconfigure the prim skirt on this one a few months back... I am still in love with it even after all this time.... so i think it will be a long time keeper. This one easily could work for a best in white.. or a simple night out... not necessarily for bridal..... A demo with new prims is available in the bridal store.