Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Preview!! and reminder sale ends tomorrow!

Just a reminder to get your $75L items now.. i will be returning items to full price tomorrow night when i log in... around 6:30pm sl. here is the url....

and now.. drumroll please!!!! A NEW ONE for fall.
This is not available in world yet!! I have placed it on rez only for now. It is a cute multiple pieced item with 2 sizes of prim in the box.. small and large. I am in love with this dress!!

sorry for the large size....
GORGEOUS Abandoon Nacht is the model.... dont you just love her eyes.
and here is how you can get yours....


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Saturday, August 09, 2008

REMINDER $75 L sale at Gracies

$L 75 and Under sale at Gracies
All items on the first floor will be priced $L75 or less until the August 20, 2008. This sale is in Honor of the new SHOPLINE hud...... contact someone from Duality Inc or Aspire if you wish to join....

Sale includes ALL items on the first floor of my mainstore.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Exclusively Grace.... The return of Heidi!

OK folks.... After my move in January i decided not to place the Exclusively Grace Items back in the new store.. it was a pain to keep hanging the gowns and reminding people to take their items..lol. SOOOOO now after some months of waiting I am reintroducing the line.. on ON REZ. You will only be able to purchase these items on on rez (www.slboutique.com) (www.onrez.com).. as I can limit the quantity purchased much more easily there. At this time there are still 25 of the Heidi dress (shown here) left. Thats all folks... of the original 100 total.. 25 are left. Get yours now before they disappear forever. Link and photo below.