Monday, February 11, 2008

I am moving the store again.... Hopefully by March the 1st to Mangkino 224, 111, 21 but in the mean time I am going to leave the store in a Massive SALE! All items that were available in the Phi Phi Leh store are now marked down (except bridal).... Casual Clothes are now $L100 and formals $L250 from those sets.. i think there are about 10 formals and 10 casual items (approximately) marked down! They will remain at sale prices until the new store is set up. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Ok, after searching the grid up and down and coming up with nothing good.. I am going to reach out. I need a location to photograph as a background..... what i am looking for is a loft style room with very sparse furnishings and a sort of messy art studio look. I am also open to variations of this theme... but generally think grey rainy day messy loft... industrial feeling or city feeling (urban). The background will be used in my next series of magazine ads. If anyone has a location that they know of, or own that they wouldnt mind me photographing please IM me in world or just send me a lm if you dont mind.. I can im you prior to visiting if you like. I have a tight deadline (friday or saturday) so any help is just fabulous! Thank you and sooo sorry for the non fashion