Saturday, January 19, 2008

New clothes (finally) and New look!

Ok guys had to revamp my ad boards background.. and i dont think i will be reshooting and changing the others ( I LOST IT ALL! my cpu crashed about 2 months ago and i am not sure i can retrieve any of it.. though i will try eventually) I think the new look is more hip and chic... lol Hope you do too!

Here are a few new items available in the store.... the sweaters are available on their own as a pair for $L100 as well.... check along the back wall for them. Ack I hope SL gets it in gear tonight.. I had to log before adding these to my Fashion Victim and Mischief stores!... but if you can get in they are available at the main store in alhena.

First is this funky lil number.. Argile Runway ( no idea how i decided I liked that
It comes with alot! Wear the sweater alone, add the scarf.. wear a skirt with cool flexis or alone for a business look..... I LOVE skinny jeans.. so i had to do these... oh and you DO get the pink tank!

Second is one I adore! .. But get mixed feedback on.... it is mod prim (like all my stuff) so if the pants are too long or short .. you can mod. YAY! Wear it with the prim or skinny, with the waistband or regular... and two choices of sweater color, with sculpted sleeves... Have fun!

Sorry the pics are full size... sl is making me impatient tonight... hehe

Almost forgot Model is the newly versatile Karla Marama!