Sunday, July 29, 2007

A sneak Peek!!

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Still Looking!

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I am still deciding.. and still hoping for alot more applicants.... but I am using this area to help me view ladies all together. If you are interested in seeing if you are in my top choices for consideration currently or want to just take a peek at the different looks.... come visit, 22

P.S. ... these ladies are very very pretty... very high fashion model gorgeous..and i am sure to use at least one or two, but only a few of them really have the strange beauty, the odd quality that i am looking for.... so lets see if we can get some more!!

To apply send your nc with your images to Grace Winnfield..... front/and profile please in as many looks as you can (skins/hair) this really really helps! or Just pick up a nc from the location above. Hope to see your face.

Added info:
A photoshoot from Siren Studios is likely to be included! I will be using them to create the magazine ads for the new store!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Moving Sale!!

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Clothing marked from $L50.. over half the store!! Many of these styles will not return! A new line is coming~~~

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Face Of Grace

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Rules for The Face of Grace:

Please note I am looking for an unusual and a bit odd beauty.. very unique. Think Devin Aoki, or Gemma. All ethnicities.. even Neko, just no furry please.

How to enter:

1. Send a notecard with your photos embedded in it to Grace Winnfield. Please take VERY close shots of your face front and profile. Include as many makeup/hair combos with your face shape as you want to demonstrate your flexibilty with this. A face you designed is preferred but not necessary if you find a good one.

2. You must agree to mod shape (not face.. just body), and your shape must be modable. ... So that the clothing will look good.. but think TALL and VERY VERY Model THIN. Curves will not improve your chances.. i will want them moded out.

3. There is no deadline. I will keep searching till i find my 4.

What do you get:

1. You will appear in vendor ads within the store.. representing the gracie lines... and in magazine ads featured in such mags as Aspire SL and Second Style. You will be compensated for your time during shoots with lindens per hour. Note i will need you to be available.

2. You keep any outfits I shoot you in.

Thanks! And have fun with it!!